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Dales Hall 2

In 1832, 16 February. Castlemorton, to be let, desirable residence, called the Hill Cottage, consisting of 2 parlours, 6 good bed-rooms, kitchen, cellar, dairy, pantry, stables, barn, millhouse, and other necessary outbuildings. together with a good garden and about 12 acres of meadow land choice fruit trees, with a Right Common over Malvern Chase - above Premises are delightfully situated, and particularly healthy, commanding extensive picturesque views; and are within mile of Ledbury, 4 of Great Malvern, 2 of Malvern Wells and about 1 mile from the Turnpike Road leading from Ledbury to Worcester, along which Road Coaches pass daily. For a view of the Premises apply to Mr. Wm. Dee, on the Premises; and for further Information I. and R. Higgins, Solicitors, Ledbury, Herefordshire. N. B. The Premises are well supplied with Water, arising from the Springs Malvern Hill. To be let and may be entered upon immediately.  

In 1832, 1 November, by auction at The Feathers Ledbury, oak and ash coppicing. Lot 6, Broomy Hill, about 12 acres.

Birchley built a house to the south east of Shady Bank Common. As he had no permission, it had to be pulled down.

In 1838, 21 April. Eligible investment, very desirably situated within a mile of Malvern Wells, Worcestershire, be sold by auction by Joseph Bird, under the Deed of Conveyance and Assignment referred to in the under-mentioned notice, on Wednesday, the 2nd of May, 1838, at the Admiral Benbow Inn, in the parish of Malvern, in the said county of Worcester; - all that newly-erected and commodious brick-built residence, with an excellent walled garden, together with a barn, mill-house, stable, drink-house, and 11 Acres of rich and fertile pasture, arable Land, and orcharding, surrounding the same, now in the possession of Mr. Dee, the late proprietor thereof. The Estate commands very extensive views, and is entitled to an unlimited right common over Malvern Chase. Applications view the same may be made upon the premises and further particulars known by applying to Mr. William Reece, Solicitor, Ledbury, Herefordshire. Notice is hereby given, that Indentures of Conveyance and Assignment, bearing date 4th and 5th days of April, 1838, William Dee, of the Hill, in the parish Castlemorton, in the county of Worcester, Farmer, hath duly conveyed and assigned all his real and personal Estate and Effects a Trustee, upon Trust for the benefit of all the Creditors him, the said William Dee; and notice is hereby given, that the said Indentures were duly executed in the presence of, and are now lying at the offices of Mr. William Reece, Solicitor, Ledbury, for execution by the creditors the said William Dee; and such of his creditors as shall refuse or neglect to execute the same, assent thereto in writing, within three calendar months from the date thereof, will excluded all benefit arising therefrom.

In 1839, owned by William Dee and rented to Seth Webb, house and pasture, just over an acre. (Tithe No 92.)

In 1844, 1 November, sale by Auction at The Feathers, Ledbury the following fall of most valuable coppicing, Tithe-Free: Lot 3. The Broomy Hill Coppice, in the Parish of Castlemorton, bounded on the South side by Castlemorton Common, containing- about Twelve Acres.

In 1848, 7 October, James Harris was summoned for trespassing pursuit of game. Defendant did not appear. Superintendent Shead proved the service of the summons. John Scott deposed that on the 13th of September last, he saw the defendant with a gun and dog beating for game in Broomyhill coppice, in the parish of Castlemorton, in the occupation of the Right Hon. Earl Somers - witness told him he could not shoot there, and he replied that Birchley, the keeper, had given him leave; and furthermore told witness that if he followed him, he should put him out of the wood. Fined £1 and 12s. expenses, or one month's imprisonment.

In 1851, Dales Hall is occupied by John King, Farmer of 10 acres (aged 31), his wife Anne (aged 31) and their children Charles (aged 9), Elizabeth Ann (aged 6), Emma (aged 2) and Mary (aged 11m).

A King family had, in 1841, been living at Fir Tree Cottage, known as Windsor Cottage (or Windsor Castle – a joke on their surname – Kings). Richard Kings (aged 50) with his wife Mary (aged 40) and children William (aged 9), George (aged 7), David (aged 5), Henry (aged 2) and Charles (aged 3 months). Some of the family were also there in 1851.

In 1861, Dales Hall is occupied by William Robert, Railway Navvy (aged 36), his wife Elizabeth, Leather Glove Maker (aged 30) and their children John (aged 10), Samuel (aged 7), Elizabeth M (aged 4) and two lodgers: Philip Warren, Agricultural Labourer (aged 58) and William Musto, Agricultural Labourer (aged 20).

In 1871, as Dale End occupied by three families. William Vernon, Agricultural Labourer (aged 27), his wife Eliza (aged 20) and their daughter Ellen E (aged 1). Also by Robert Lambert Labourer (aged 32). Also by Leonard Webb, Carpenter (aged 30), his wife Elizabeth, Dressmaker (aged 26), and their children Herbert (aged 5), Ellen (aged 4) and Mary (aged 1).

1877, 12 May. A valuable freehold estate, called Dales Hall, situate at Castlemorton, was sold to the Right Hon. Earl Somers for £900.

In 1881, known as Dog Kennels, occupied by Leonard Webb, Carpenter (aged 39), his wife Elizabeth (aged 36), and their children Herbert, Plumbers Apprentice (aged 15), Ellen (aged 14), Mary (aged 11), William (aged 6), Theresa (aged 2) and Cicily (aged 19m).

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