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In 1911, Mary King is Head. (aged 59, single), Farmer.  Also living there were Frederick Bunn, Farm Labourer (aged 63), Henry Smith, General Labourer (aged 30), his wife Alice (aged 29), and their children Wilfred (aged 2), Cecily (aged 1) and John (aged 2m).

James King (Landlord of The Robin Hood 1913-1921) had Broomhill Coppice (date unknown). He was married to Selina Bailey and had a daughter Muriel (b. 1917).

In 1915, Alice King was living at Syringa and fell of a ladder whilst plum picking. She was taken to Dales Hall where she died.

In 1917, Lord Somers sold pasture land adjoining Broomy Hill known as Mount Pleasant and Bargains also Ash and Arle Bed known as The Arles, 20.466 acres, to John Charlton Colston:

OS Map     Name           Acreage

No 563          Mount Pleasant      9.814

No 570          Bargains      2.989

No 574          Bargains      2.582

No 588          Bargains      3.847

No 573          The Arles      1.234

On Colston's death in 1919, the land came jointly to his three sons: George, Charles and John. In 1932 George died intestate and his 1/3 was sold to John Tarleton Hardman. At the same time, Charles and John also sold their 1/3rds to Hardman. John married Gladys Tombs from the Lodge Inn, Golden Valley and they lived at Biddles Farm and then Starling Cottage (now Myrtleberry).

In 1924, 10 July, Hugh Robert Nelson was the owner and he sold Dales Hall to Emily Hailstone (widow) of Bay Tree Cottage near Malvern for £1075. The sales was for 10.725 acres of Dales Hall and 4.5 acres which had been purchased from Nora Maud Llewellyn in 1923 – part of Broomhill Coppice. Overall, the sale comprised:

OS Map     Name           Acreage

No 576          Enclosed      2.139

No 566          Cuckoo Pen  1.366

Nos 566&569     Homestea     .651 and.85

No 567          Apple Cake  2.161

No 564          Pasture/Orchard 3.513

In 1924, 16 October, Nora Maud Llewellyn, wife of Thomas Llewellyn of Castlemorton, sold 13.470 acres of Broomy Hill Coppice to Hugh Robert Nelson for £400. It was noted that a Bungalow had been erected on it – the original site of the present Cabin called Broomhill Coppice, which is rented out. This gave her ownership of 17.97 acres Broomy Hill Coppice. (She had bought the 13.470 acres from Ada Simpson in 1923).


In 1926, 11 March, 1 acre in the bottom South Eastern corner of Broomy Hill Coppice was sold by James King and Albert James Barnet to Nancy Mabel Flaxman.

In 1928, Flaxman sold it to Arthur Wall, a manufacturing jeweller of 82 Albert Road, Handsworth and Broomhill Bungalow.


In 1929, 25 March, Emily Hailstone sold all her land and the house to John Tarleton Hardman for £1450.

In 1929, 27 June, Arthur Wall exchanged land with Hardman. He exchanged his corner of Broomhill Coppice with a portion on the South East of the coppice. Hardman also received £45.


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