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In 1839, the cottage is owned by John Lane and rented to Thomas Dee, Cottage garden and stable (Nos 757& 758). John Lane owned and was using No 759.  

In 1841, the Census names 'Dees' as occupied by William Bradley, Shoemaker and Journeyman (aged 40), his wife Mary (aged 40), their daughter Jane (aged 3) and George Carter, Agricultural Labourer (aged 65).

The half of the property called Stephens's is occupied by Thomas Dee, Shoemaker (aged 30), his wife Maria (aged 20), Charles Coulstone, Shoemaker Journeyman (aged 20) and James Kings (Shoemaker Apprentice), aged 15.

In 1851, the property is not named, but located between Micklefield and Keyses Farm. Thomas Dee is the son of Thomas Dee who had to sell the house in 1835. I do not know what became of Thomas Dee senior, but the mention of Betty Beale (actually his wife) in the house sale suggest he was living elsewhere. There is no local death for him.

Occupying two properties we have:

Mary Bradley, Dress Maker (aged 47) – now a widow her daughter Jane (aged 12), her father George Carter, Agricultural Labourer and widower (aged 75).

Thomas Dee, Cordwainer employing 1 journeyman (aged 42), his wife Maria (aged 32), and their children Thomas (aged 5), Mary (aged 4) and James (aged 2 months)  

In 1861, the Bradley's were at Keyses Farm. The only building between Keyses's and Micklefield (presumably Dees) was occupied by George Hewings, Agricultural Labourer (aged 35), his wife Deborah (aged 42) and their children Thomas (aged 11), William (aged 9), Elizabeth (aged 5), Edwin (aged 2) and John (aged 5 months).

In 1871, named as Dees Corner, occupied by Charles Somers, Agricultural Labourer (aged 48), his wife Eliz, Agricultural Labourer (aged 36), and their children John (aged 9), Fanny (aged 6) and George (aged 5).

In 1881, two properties are named as Dees Corner.

One is occupied by Charles Somers, Farm Labourer (aged 58), his wife Eliza, Washing Woman (aged 49), and their children Fanny, House Servant (aged 18), George, Farm Labourer (aged 16) and Thomas (aged 8).

The other is occupied by William Surrell, Farm Labourer (aged 46), his wife Sarah (aged 31) and their children Elizabeth (aged 4), Ellen (aged 3) and his wife's daughter by a previous marriage, Keziah Bishop (aged 11).

The surname Surrell may be a phonetic spelling for Serrell, the Malvern auctioneer.

In 1887, 16 July, to be sold by auction by Moore and Sons, on Thursday, the 28th day of July, 1887, at the White Lion Hotel, Upton-on-Severn, at three for four p.m. in the Parish of Castlemorton. Lot 2 – Two cottages with gardens called Dees also situate adjoining the road leading from Castlemorton to Upton-on Severn, in the respective occupations of Charles Summers and William Surrell, and a valuable Piece of pasture orcharding adjoining thereto, let to Mr. William Lane, jun., the whole containing 1 acre 3 rods 12 perches or thereabouts. Lot 3 - An allotment of productive arable land, in Great Micklefield also situate adjoining the road leading from Castlemorton to Upton- on Severn, containing 3 acres 2 rods. 36 perches or thereabouts, in the occupation of Mr. William Lane, jun. Further particulars may be obtained of Messrs. Moores and Roknet, Solicitors, Tewkesbury and of Messrs. Albert Buck and Son, Surveyors, Worcester.

In 1891, named as Cobbs Cottages Nos 1 & 2. There are no Dees living in Castlemorton.

No 1 is occupied by Louisa Somers, Washer Woman and widow (aged 59), her children George, Agricultural Labourer (aged 25), Thomas, Agricultural Labourer (aged 18).

No 2 is occupied by William Surrell, Agricultural Labourer (aged 56), his wife Sara (aged 41) and their children Ellen (aged 12), Annie (aged 9), Alice (aged 7) and Louisa (aged 1).

In 1901, named as Dees Cottage, occupied by William Surrell, Invalid (aged 67), his wife Sarah, Charwoman (aged 51) and their children Annie (aged 19) and Louise (aged 11).

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