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Feathers Pitch Cottage

Other names          Ivy Cottage

Origin of name          On the pitch (steeply sloping road) by the Plume of Feathers.

Date built - 1812-1839. Not as on the 1812 Ordnance Survey Map.

In 1839, owned by Lord Somers and rented to John Gamble.

In 1841, occupied by John Gamble, Stone Mason, aged 40 (born in Ireland) and his wife Sarah (aged 45) and their children Caroline (aged 15) Edward (aged 13), George (aged 11) and a Mary Price (aged 85).

In 1851, The Gambles are living there, with a grandson George Pegler (aged 1)

In 1861, George Gamble (the son) has taken over as head, now married to Mary Ann (aged 45)). His father, as a widower, is living with him, along with a niece Mary Ann Gamble (aged 10)

In 1871, a Richard Gamble, Dealer, (aged 55) is Head, living there with his wife Elizabeth (aged 46, Gloveress), and children Emma, Joseph, Caroline, George, James and Richard.

In 1881, the family are joined by a grandson, Ernest H Gamble.

In 1885, the Ordnance Survey Map (below) shows the original size of the plot. The small garden at the top became part of the Plume of Feathers some time after 1921 and the Field to the right now belongs to Thelma Wilkes

In 1891, Richard and Elizabeth are living there, with two children: Ernest, Lily and a boarder – Harriet Stephens (aged 81).

In 1900, 11 August, Turbills Meadow is part of Hurst Farm, rented by Lady Henry Somerset to Thomas Wadley of Bakehouse Farm, Welland

In 1901, occupied by Richard Gamble, widower aged 85 and his son George Gamble, aged 40, General Worker on the land.

In 1901, 6 May, the cottage and garden rented by Lady Henry Somers to James Jeynes for £8:8s a year.

In 1908, 20 February, Spillmans Field was leased by Right Honourable Isabella Caroline Somerset to the Parish Council for allotments for £6:10s a year.

In 1911, occupied by James Jeynes, Smallholder (aged 62), his wife Emma (aged 55) and their children Alfred James (aged 33), Gilbert Harry (aged 24), Ernest Ben (aged 19), Amy Elizabeth (aged 16). Also by Arthur George Jeynes, Labourer (aged 26), his wife Florence (aged 26), and their children Violet Emma Elizabeth (aged 3), Edith Ellen (aged 2) and Doris Amy (aged 4m)

In 1916, it was part of the Somers Estate and let to Mrs Fowler. It was sold by auction that year:

In 1916, 27 November, Thomas Wadley is renting Hurst Farm from The right Honourable Arthur Herbert Tennyson Baron Somers who announces his intention to sell it.

In 1917, 24 March, Indenture of sale to Margaret Katharine Mary Kay Mouat of Morton Farm, Castlemorton for £935. Turbill's Meadow is rented to Thomas Wadley. Spillman's Meadow is rented to the Parish Council. The cottage is rented to James Jeynes.

In 1918, 28 November, sold to Miss Margaret Katherine Mary Kay-Mauant.  She is named on the plan for the sale of Hollybed Farm in 1917 as owning field No 350 (not part of the farm, but one of the Mouchers Corner cottages) as Miss K Mouett (miss-spelt. The plan also shows her owning Field No 433, in the old Wallredding, and a field two fields west of Newland house in New Road.

In 1920, 20 February, sold to Frank Jeynes, Farm Bailiff, for £250. He took a mortgage from The Trustees of the Loyal Severn's Price Lodge of Odd Fellows.

In 1920, 29 September, Turbills Meadow and Spillmans Field sold to Frank Jeynes for £700. Margaret Mauant had moved to Morton Farm and then to The Firs Farm, Malvern Wells.

Frank was married to Mary Ann Hammond He died intestate on 16 July 1934 and the property and both fields passed to his widow. They had 5 children: Reginald Frank, Ethel, William, Alfred and Ada (who married Percy Wadley and later married Owen Davies),

Owen Davis's father, Arthur Taylor Davies, ran The Plume of Feathers from the early 1930's. Owen and Ada had two children, Thelma and David. They lived at the cottage with Alfred Wadley.

In 1939, the cottage (as Ivy Cottage) was occupied by Charlie Wadley (b.1889), his wife Edith C (b. 1889) their daughter Gwendoline C (b. 1917). Charlie died there in 1974, a widower.

Also in 1939, elsewhere on Feathers Pitch,  (Syringa or the remaining one property opposite the end of Druggers End Lane), are living Mary Ann Jeynes (b, 1868, widow), William Jeynes (b.1906, Railway Worker) and Alfred Jeynes (b. 1908, Newsagent).

Mary Ann Jeynes died 17 February 1947. She had appointed her 2 sons, Reginald Frank Jeynes (of 1110 Stratford Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, formerly of Amber Hall Private Hotel, First Avenue, Cliftonville, Margate) and Alfred Jeynes (of Feathers Pitch, Smallholder) as her Executors.

In 1948, 25 March, sold to Owen Davies. The sale included the cottage and garden (1 acre 1 rod 24 perches), Turbills Meadow (6.522 acres No 308) and Spillmans Meadow (5.772 acres, No 318). Repairs were made to the roof, chimney stacks, staircase, floor, replastering of upstairs ceilings and redecoration of exterior.

In 1964, 21 February, Owen Davies died. His wife, Ada Davies, continued to occupy the property. Peter Wilkes, of The Plume of Feathers, was Owen's Executor (Peter was his son in law).

In 1972, 16 October 90 square yards of land was appropriated by Worcestershire County Council to widen the road. The Council built the stone wall and turf bank.

In 1975, Ada Davies died.

In 1977, 15 March, the cottage and garden were sold by Peter Wilkes, as Executor to Owen Davies, to Daniel Patrick Tierney of 24 Holly Grove, Peckham, London SE15 for £13,000. He had been trading as T & S Transparency Retouching and Duplicating, 10 Frith Street, London W1V 5TZ. The cottage had been declared unfit for habitation by Malvern Hills District Council Environmental Health and Housing Officer.

The purchaser had the right to passage of water through the drain under the adjoining field being the remaining part of No 324 to the cesspit there situate, until it was on mains sewerage.

By this date, the top triangle of land had become part of The Plume of Feathers and is now a garden and children's playground there.