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Fir Tree Cottage

Other names     Hill Cottage, Hill Side, Windsor Castle (a joke on the surname Kings). Believed to have been a swine keeper's cottage - hence Swinyard Hill.

Origin of name     Named after a Fir Tree that was growing there, but had to felled as it was leaning on the cottage.

Date built          About 1750     

2019 – bottom left of centre at the end of a track

1839, showing relation to Dales Hall (No 92) and Foxhall (No 84)

In 1841, as Windsor Castle, occupied by Richard Kings, Agricultural Labourer (aged 50), his wife Mary (aged 40) and their children William (aged 9), George (aged 7), David (aged 5), Henry (aged 2) and Charles (aged 3 months).

In 1851, occupied by Mary King, Laundress (aged 52) and her children David, Agricultural Labourer (aged 17), Henry, Agricultural Labourer (aged 11), Charles (aged 10) and Hannah (aged 8).

In 1856. 4 July, Indenture between the Dean & Chapter of Westminster and George King, Labourer of Castlemorton for £17:8:9d and the yearly rent of 3s 6d, to lease a piece of land 1 rood and 18 perches with a cottage, late in the occupation of Richard King, bounded by on all sides by common land called Surnouard Hill and which is an encroachment or intake from the waste of the Manor, for 21 years.

In 1861, probably occupied by James Wells, Agricultural Labourer (aged 56), his wife Mary A, School Mistress (aged 42),

In 1871, occupied by Henry Bunn, Agricultural Labourer aged 29, widower.

In 1875, 17 June, the Ecclesiastic Commissioners sold the cottage for £21 to Hannah King of the Paling, Great Malvern, Widow of George King (deceased, of Castlemorton but late of Malvern Wells, Gardener). He had died on 11 May 1872, intestate, and Administration was granted to his widow, Hannah. The cottage is described as having been late in the occupation of Richard King, then of William Robert.

1875 sale plan

In 1881, probably occupied by Daniel Robbins, Agricultural Labourer (aged 33) and his wife Sarah A (aged 32).

In 1891, occupied by William Webster, Agricultural Labourer (aged 27), his wife Mary H (aged 35) and their children Sarah A (aged 6) and George D (aged 2)

In 1895, 18 May, death of Andrew Warren aged 71, Hill Cottage, Castlemorton.

In 1901, occupied by William Green, Labourer on Farm (aged 73), his wife Elizabeth (aged 68) and his grandchildren Charles Hartlkett (aged 12), Alice Hartlett (aged 9) and Walter Green (aged 6).

In 1904, 1 January a mortgage on Fir Tree Cottage for £75 at 5% was granted by George Edwin Weaver of Mount Pleasant to William Masefield of Ledbury. The property was in the occupation of Mrs Green. After one year, the rate was to drop to 4%.

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