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Hunters Hall Page 2

Photograph from Janet Hughes (nee Bunn) showing how open the common was.

She remembers you could see the gate on Hancock's Lane from the front door. Undated.

In 1836, 16 April

Castlemorton, Worcestershire. Useful milch cows and calves, young cattle, aged and young bulls, a stout team of horses and mares. colts, entire horse, sow sheep, implements, and other effects: which will be sold by auction by Joseph Bird on Monday, the 18th day of April, on the premises of Mr. Richard Birchley, Hunters Hall Farm, in the parish of Castlemorton aforesaid, who is about leave the same; consisting of 7 cows, with fat by their sides; three-year-old heifers, in calf; two years-old heifers, bullock, and yearling heifers; 1 five-year old bull, good worker; 1 bull, rising two years old; cart mares, foal; half-bred mare, in entire; 3 cart horses, entire horse (young), two-year old cart colt, yearling ditto, 1 three-years-old nag mare Sampson three-years-old mare, perfectly sound, 15 hands 1 inch high, a superior hunter; 1 fast five-years-old pony; ewes and lambs, sow and pigs; 2 broadwheeled carts, ploughs, harrows, yokes, bows, and traces, 2 rick saddles, cow ties, cheese presses, tables, chairs, and sundry other effects, which are expressed in catalogues, to be had the place of sale, and of the Auctioneer, Ledbury. Sale to commence with the sheep, and sold without any reserve, on account of the proprietor leaving the farm.

In 1839, Hunters Hall is rented from John Somers Earl Somers by Richard Greenway. Richard was born 17 July 1779