And The Surrounding District

Charles Drinkwater Bunn continued to live at The Hurst and traded as C D Bunn & Son with his son Ron. He had a green Commer cattle lorry with C D Bunn Son & Son sign written on the doors. Ron had been involved with the farm from a young age and at school had a piece of red wool tied to his chair to designate it as his, because he had ringworm on the backs of his legs.

The house at Hunters Hall was rented out from 1949 until about 1964.

Ron married Ethel Nicholls in 1958. Initially they lived in the cottage at the back of Hunters Hall and a Mrs Jones rented the main house. Ron's father died in 1964 and his mother in 1984 and he took over the farm. They had two children, Janet and Anthony. Janet remembers when she was a child t the sheep were branded CB (Charles Bunn), but she thought it meant “come back”.

The cottage was also rented out to various people, including (in order) The Mr Wheeler and his wife Sheila, Geoff and Trudy Hall,  Roy Lewis Row Clarke who died living there on 10 April 1977, and Iian and Tessa Askew.

Prince Charles visited Hunters hall in the early 1980's.

Anthony, Ron's son, lived and worked there until he left to be with his partner Stella Baylis at their cottage at Morton Green.

After Ron died in 2006, Mrs Bunn lived there on her own.

After Mrs Bunn's death in 2012, their daughter Janet Hughes and her daughter Elizabeth returned to live there.

Hunters Hall in 2017 is shown on the map below:

Hunters Hall 5

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