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Kings Cottage

Other names     The Still House, Tangrass. Still House means a distillery where spirits were made and Tangrass means brown grass

Origin of name     Although Kings Farm is named as early as the 1851 Census, one of the cottages was known as The Still House. Only in the 1861 Census when a King is living at one, is it called Kings Cottage. Kings was common surname in the Parish in the early 1600's, and in the 1800's they were butchers, carpenters, shoemakers and farm workers.

Date built     The cottages were part of Kings Farm.

In 1839, Owned by the Dean & Chapter of Westminster and occupied by Benjamin Wagstaff and James Gwynne No 399: 2 Cottages and gardens.

In 1841, No1 (The Still House) was occupied by James Guin, Agricultural Labourer (aged about 35), his wife Ann (aged about 25) and their children John (aged5) and William (aged 3).

No 2 was occupied by Benjamin Wastaff, Agricultural Labourer (aged 35), his wife Elizabeth (aged 30) and their children George (aged 3), Eleanor (aged 10 and William Hawkes, Agricultural Labourer (aged 15).  

In 1842, sold by auction as part of Kings Farm, two cottages with a garden to each, occupied Benjamin and James Gwynne, yearly tenants.

In 1851, No1 (The Still House) was occupied by William Davis, Agricultural Labourer (aged 38), his wife Mary A (aged 27, Gloveress) and their children Joshua (aged 6) and Henry (aged 3).

No 2 was occupied by Benjamin Wagstaff, Agricultural Labourer (aged 48), his wife Elizabeth, Gloveress (aged 40), their children George, Agricultural Labourer (aged 13), Ellen aged 11, Ann aged 8, Eliza aged 6, Mary Aged 4 and Hannah aged 1.

In 1861, No 1 was occupied by Thomas King, Agricultural Labourer (aged 28), his wife Sarah, Leather Glove Maker (aged 30), and three lodgers: William Haughton aged 40, Agricultural Labourer; Thomas Knight aged 30, widower and Agricultural Labourer; William Wagstaff aged 17, Agricultural Labourer.

No 2 was occupied by Benjamin Wagstaff, Agricultural Labourer (aged 57), his wife Elizabeth, Washer Woman, aged 50 and their children Mary (aged 16) and Jane (aged 8).

In 1871, No 1 was occupied by Thomas Jeynes, Agricultural Labourer (aged 23), his wife Mary, Gloveress (aged 23) and their daughter Elizabeth (aged 8 months).

No 2 was occupied by Benjamin Wagstaff, Agricultural Labourer (aged 68), his wife Elizabeth, Agricultural Labourer (aged 60) and their children George, Agricultural Labourer (aged 33) and Jane, Gloveress (aged 18).

In 1881, No1 was occupied by Thomas Jeynes, Labourer (aged 34) and his children Annie (aged10), Thomas (aged 9) and Alfred (aged 7)

No 2 was occupied by Benjamin Wagstaff, Labourer (aged 78) and his wife Elizabeth (aged 70).

In 1884, owned by Charles Clarke who had died and sold by auction along with Kings Farm, referred to as The Stillhouse and Tangrass. He was living in Hanley Castle. (Noted: Clarke's Farm further down Druggers End Lane).

No 1 is occupied by James Birchley, Cattle Foods Salesman (aged 58), his wife Helena, Dressmaker (aged 46) and their children William (aged13) and George (aged 7).

No 2 is occupied by Job Wagstaff, Labourer, widower (aged 57), his daughter Blanche, Gloveress (aged 20) and granddaughter Phoebe (aged 1).

In 1901, Stillhouse Cottage is occupied by James Jeynes, Smallholder/Farm (aged 51), his wife Emma (aged 45) and their children: Alfred, Cowman on Farm (aged 25), Walter, Heaping Stone at Quarry (aged 19), Arthur, Groom (aged 17), Gilbert (aged 14), Lilly (aged 11), Earnest (aged 9) and Amy (aged 6).

Kings Cottage is occupied by James Young, General on Farm (aged 56), his wife Maria (aged 50), and their children: Charles, Local Quarry Road (aged 22), Walter, with Horses on Farm (aged 20), Albert (aged 13) and Jessie (aged 11).

Both cottages were owned by George Clark Davis and Samuel James Tomkins (along with Kings Farm and other land) and were sold on 28 September 1901 to James Weaver.

1911, not named, occupied by Henry King, Blacksmith (aged 73), his wife Martha Maria (aged 73), William Hughes, Border and Jobbing Gardener (aged 57).

In the other cottage, James Young, General Labourer Malvern District Council (aged 35), his wife Mary J (aged 33), and their children Elsie (aged 13), Violet (aged 9), James (aged 5), Daisy (aged 3) and Olive (aged 1).

In 1939, not listed. Kings Farm is occupied by James and Mary Marie Weaver. They had no children.

In 1963, sold by Thomas Silas Weaver as Executor (nephew of James Weaver and father of Colin Weaver of Kingswear). It was for £2050 to Ronald Heathcote Harding and had been tenanted to Miss Bellamy.

In 1976 Harding died and in 1978 it was bought by Basil and Linda Jones. Basil Jones was a jockey. They extended the cottage.

It can be seen from comparing the Tithe Map with the 2020 map, that the two fields to the west of Kings Cottage, which belong to it, are deeper nowadays. This additional land was purchased by the Jones's from the Benthalls of Mill Farm in 1982.

In 1986 bought by Barrie and Jennifer Bruton, the current owners.