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Midsummer Farm 2

William Birt was baptised in Eldersfield in 1793.

In 1841, the farm was occupied by William Birt, Farmer (aged 50), his wife Ann (aged 45) and their children Sara (aged 11), Mary (aged 9), Ann (aged 5), William (aged 3) and Thomas (aged 9m).

In 1851, The entry  is not found. William Birt had moved to Bosbury.

In 1861, as Bradfords, occupied by George Jakeman, Tailor (aged 45), his wife Ann (aged 46) and their children William (aged 16), Harriet (aged 14), Caroline (aged 7) and Philip H aged 5. George Jakeman is the brother of Roger Jakeman's great great grandfather.

In 1871, as Bradfords, occupied by William Wells, Haulier and Farmer of 8 acres (aged 40), Elizabeth, his mother (aged 70) and his brother Edwin, Invalid from Rheumatism, (aged 32).

In 1881, as Bradfords, occupied by Richard Nibblett, Farmer of 10 acres (aged 75), his wife Maria (aged 72), their daughter Charlotte Hoare (aged 42) and her husband John Hoare, Agricultural Labourer (aged 44).

In 1891, as Bradfords, occupied by James Garfield, Farmer (aged 34), his wife Emma (aged 32) and son Charles J (aged 6).

In 1900, Charles Drinkwater is living at Bradfords Farm.

In 1901, as Bradfords Farm, occupied by Charles Drinkwater, Farmer (aged 53), his wife Julia (aged 58) and their daughters Ellen (aged 24) and Rose (aged 19).

In 1911, as Bradfords Farm, occupied by Charles Drinkwater, Farmer (aged 66), his wife Julia (aged 69), and their grandchildren John Bosley (aged 15), Francis Bosley (aged 13) and George Bosley (aged 9).

John Charles Bosley was born October-December 1896 (Birth registered Upton upon Severn) and died in 1932 (Registered Ledbury). He was the son of John Charles Bosely, Postman, who married Alice Drinkwater in 1895 (Registered in Upton upon Severn). Alice was the daughter of Charles and Julia Drinkwater and she was born in 1875 and died in 1902. Her husband was born in Ledbury in 1866 and died in 1902. In 1901, the Bosley family were living at Hollybush.

In 1916, this 1914-15 single War Medal is correctly impressed as: 1585 DVR. J.C.BOSLEY  R.A.  Dvr. John Charles Bosley enlisted on the 28th April 1916 aged nineteen giving his address as Bradfords Farm, Castlemorton, Worcestershire and his occupation as Shepherd. He served under many numbers, 4224   3896  1585  841106  287970.

Copy of the paperwork includes an enquiry from the Red Cross for Wounded and Missing. An entry on the 13th Sept. 1919 stating: To concentration camp for demobilisation. Medal in excellent condition with silk ribbon. Sold on Ebay May 2018 to Nigel Donohoe.

In 1936, Margaret Anchor was born, daughter of Charles Anker and Madeline E Drinkwater. They lived at Bradfords Farm.

In 1939, occupied by Charles Anker, Roadstone Quarryman and his wife Emily M and their four chidren. The names of two are redacted. The other two are Irene (aged 8) and Margaret (aged 3).

Madeline had two brothers: Frederick John Drinkwater (b. 1891) and Walter James Drinkwater (b. 1901), so it is likely that that the great uncle referred to below was Walter James Drinkwater – son of Charles and Julia in the 1911 Census.

In  1963, Faye Nicholls was born whilst her parents were living at Bradford Farm. Her parents were Percy Dennis Nicholls (1929-2007) and Margaret Anker (1936-1999). They married in 1958 and also had a daughter, Joy (born 1959). Fay moved out when she married in about 1985 and moved back in 2001.

In 1968, occupied by Percy Dennis Nichols.

In 2007, Percy Dennis Nicholls (Dennis) died on October 16th at his home, Bradfords Farm, Castlemorton, aged 78 years. Beloved husband of the late Margaret, loving father of Joy and Faye. A dear grandfather and father in law. Funeral service and interment at All Saints Church, Hollybush on Wednesday, October 31st at 2.30 p.m.

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