And The Surrounding District

Older names for Houses and Roads

Balmoral          The Poplars

Beales               See auction sale under Sansome Farm, 1796

Beaulah Cottage

Bakes Cottage          On Hollybed Street, not identified

Bakers Farm          On Hollybed Street, not identified

Bank Cottages          In 1901 Census, after Mill Farm

Bannut Tree Pitch     Gloucester Road from The Bannut Tree to Hollybed Street

Beulah Cottage          (probably supposed to be Beaulieu) – location unknown

Blacksmiths Row       By Cherry Orchard and the Sawmill, which used to be called The Forge

Blands Cottage          Berrow Down

Boulters          On Hollybed Street

Bradfords Farm          Midsummer Farm

Broomy Hill Farm     Dales Hall

Buggins Green          Near Thoulds

Butlers Place          Fernleigh/Stoneligh

Caisend          Keyses (Chase End)

Capricks          Morton Rough

Capricks Hill          Morton Rough

Castlemorton Farm     Folliott House

Castlemorton Road     Church Road

Chase End          Keyses Farm

Cherry Orchard          The Forge

Church Farm          Folliott House

Church Farm Cottage

Church House          Badgers Cottage

Church Villa          Parsons

Cobbs Cottages          Dees Cottage (Dee was a cobbler)

College Row          Moucher’s Corner to Oak Tree Cottage on New Road

Casen               Martin William Hart was living there – 1910 Parish Elections

Chase End Cottages

Clarkes               Possibly the 2nd Gullet Cottage (1841 Census)

Devereaux’s          Near Dees Cottage.


Duck House

Elcocks               Somewhere in New Road

Elliotts               Marlbrook Farm

Elliotts Farm          Marlbrook Farm

Fairhaven          The Honeytre

Fiddlers Corner          Mouchers Corner     

Folly Farm          Hunters Hall

Forest Cottage

Grove Cottage          The Grove (Hollybed Street) and Grove Farm (Druggers End Lane)

Harbours          Meadow Barn

Harcourts          Morton Green Farm

Hawkers          The portion of New Road between the junction with Plough Lane and the junction with the road to The Gullet.

Hawkes Nest          Hawkes Hill

Hawthorne Cottage     No 365

Hawthorne House     Hawthorne Cottage

High House          Pink Cottage

Hill Cottage          Fir Tree Cottage

Hill Cottage          Pink Cottage

Hill Side          Fir Tree Cottage

Hillend Farm          Hillend Court

Hillside               House of Rest

Hillside               The Roughs

Hillside Cottage          The Roughs

The Mortons          Morton Green Farm

The Red House          The Glen

The Retreat          Hillhouse Farm

The Shop          Hollyhead

The Still House          Kings Cottage No 2

The Walk          Walk Farm.

Tinkers End     Far end of Hollybed Common. Shown on 1839 Tithe Map and also used for the Old smithy in the 1871 Census

Troy Chimneys          Badgers Cottage

Turnpike          Vault House

Vamperley          Vampla

Webbs               See auction sale under Sansome Farm, 1796

White Hall Cottage     Cherry Orchard

Wide Lane Cottage

Windsor Cottage     Fir Tree Cottage

Wood Lane          Near Hillend Court

Woods          The Barn

Wylde Thyme          Mount Pleasant

Hills View

Hole Ground Cottage

Holly Bed Place          Hollybed House Farm

Hollybush Hill          The Roughs (road)

Holloway                  Green Lane

Hollow Lane End        Green Lane

Holly Bed Cottage

Holly View

Hoopers           The Forge

Hunts Place          No 79

Hurst Villa          The Hurst

Ivy Cottage          Foothills

Ivy Cottage          (with Rose Cottage) - unknown

Ivy House

Jones Farm

Kings Farm          Maple Grove

Lanes Cottage                  Cider Mill Cottage

Late Bullocks

Late Hunts          Rickyard Cottage

Lewis’s Place          Morton Green Farm

Lords Cottage

Lydiards          The Lydes

Marl Cottage          Part of Chandlers Farm

Marl Hole          Gunnells

Marsh End Cottage

Marsh End Lane


Marshend Old Farm

Micklefield Lane          Micklefield Farm eastwards to Parish boundary.

Mill End               Near Mill Farm

Mortons          The Mortons

New House          Next to Joyfields in 1871 Census

Nokes               North Farm

North Cottage          Probably Strawbyn

Oaken Hill Farm      Eight Oaks Farm

Parish House                  Frisby House

Parsonage     The Old Vicarage

Parsons          Glebe Cottage

Perry Lane          New Road

Perry Orchard Lane     New Road

Perry Wood Street     New Road

Philbert Hall          Filbert Cottage     

Popes Cottages          Cherry Orchard

Poplar Farm

Poplar Cottage

Poor House          Gothic Cottage

Prices               Pewtrice Farm

Primrose Cottage     Vampla

Pullins               Badgers Cottage

Red House     The Glen

Rose Cottage     Roseville Farm

Rose Cottage     (with Ivy Cottage) - unknown

Rose Villa          Roseville Farm

Rose Tree Cottage

Rotten Row          The Glen. The field below is from the 1839 Tithe Map.

There are several alternative theories about the name ‘Rotten Row’ (of which there are over fifteen examples in England): 

     a)     a place where there was once a row of tumbledown cottages infested with rats (raton), and of medieval derivation

     b)     a corruption of rotteran (to muster), and therefore a place where the militia paraded

c)     Ratten Row meaning ‘roundabout way’

d)    Route du roi (thus, the king’s or royal road)

e)     rotten because of the soft material with which the road was covered

Row Hill          Gloucester Road from Druggers End Lane to The Old Smithy

Sansome Cottage

Scotland House           The Poplars

Sewells               Morton Green Farm

Spring Bank          Springbank Cottage

Spring Cottage          Springbank Cottage

Starling Cottage          Myrtleberry House

Stillhouse Cottage     Kings Cottage                                   


Summer Leasow     No 1057 Tithe Map

Sunny Bank Cottage

Taylors Cottage          Not Taylor’s Farm

The Castle

The Club House      Penbode

The Cockshoot          The Old Cider house

The College          See College Row

The Grove          Chandlers Cross

The Hollies          On Hollybed Street

The Hill               Pink Cottage