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In 1891, occupied by Joseph Kendrick, Bricklayer (aged 55), his wife Harriet, Gloveress (aged 51), their children Emily M, Domestic (aged 14), Walter (aged 13), Gilbert (aged 10), Lilly Tyler, Gloveress (aged 19) and her husband Thomas Tyler, Tractor Engine Driver (aged 27).

In 1894, Thomas Kendrick’s (1815-1876) share passed to Elizabeth Carseldine. She had married John Carseldine in 1882 (he died in 1886) and she was living in Brisbane, Australia. She agreed to sell it to Ernest Drinkwater for £74.

In 1901, occupied by Joseph Kendrick, Bricklayer (aged 65), his wife Harriet (aged 63) and Grandson James Tyler (aged 12).

In 1901, October, Helen Carr died and the mortgage was taken on by her Accountant (and one of her Executors) James Owen.

In 1901, November, Joseph Kendrick passed the house to his son, Walter James Kendrick (1858-1905) who takes over the mortgage. He died in Bedwelty.

In 1904, February, James Owen died and the mortgage is taken over by Alfred Owen of 8a Oakmead Road, Balham, Middlesex, Chemist.

As to the other part of the property, in February 1904 Joseph Martin of Pershore who owned it, sold it to George Henry Lane of Castlemorton, Labourer, for £80. He took a mortgage of £77 from William Masefield of Ledbury, Gentleman. The interest was to be paid (or guaranteed) by Hannah Lane of Castlemorton (widow of Albert Lane of Birtsmorton, Gardener), James Williams of Castlemorton, Labourer and his wife Eliza Ann Williams.  

In 1904, 25 May, Walter James Kendrick agreed to buy cottage No. 4 from the Lane family for £15.

In 1904, June, Masefield sold the property to George Henry Lane for £40.

In 1904, 3 June, Walter James Kendrick (Yeoman) takes a mortgage of £120 from William Masefield of Ledbury on Nos 1, 3, 5 & 6. Cottages 1 & 4 had burnt down.

In 1905, 24 June, Walter James Kendrick was killed by a train at Ebbw Vale. His father Joseph succeeded him as heir. He is the son of Richard and Elizabeth Kendrick, Richard being the brother of Thomas Kendrick (1815-1876).

In 1911, 13 January, Joseph Kendrick died. Probate 16 March to Sidney Kendrick and James Joseph Tyler, Labourers.

In 1911, Harriet Kendrick was living at Ivy Cottage, Birtsmorton with her grandson James Tyler and his family. She was the last Kendrick to live in Birtsmorton or Castlemorton.

In 1916, January-March, Harriet (Joseph’s wife) died and left no Will. The property appears to have been sold to Mr W Andrews.

In 1919, 16 May, Mr W Andrews sold it Mr A J Wilkins.

In 1925, 6 May, Mr Wilkins sold it to Mr George Herbert Mustoe (Bert).

In 1939, occupied by George H Mustoe (b. 1889), Building Bricklayer; Winifred A his wife and Albert A D White, Wireman Electrician.

In 1961, 24 March, Mustoe sold most of Field 2 to Alfred Moreton Morteton-Jackson of the Rectory, Leigh, Clerk in Holy Orders, for £300.

In 1965, 25 January, Mustoe sold most of Field 3 (in red on the plan) to Thomas Powles & Son Ltd for £350 with the right to lay a drain across Mustoes land to the stream, marked in blue.

In 1966, 26 September, Thomas Powles & Son Ltd sold this land to ‘Fred’ Zielinski for £500 on which he built a septic tank.

In 1971, 26 January, Mr Mustoe sold it to Mr & Mrs Ignatz (Fred) Zielinski for £2750. Fred was a Polish prisoner of war and had decided to remain in England after the war. At first lived in a caravan in field No 6 (where the stone castles are now). When he was 60, (1967), he married a lady called Lily (Lillian Minnie Young) from Tenbury Wells and bought the house. He built the stone castles, stone animals and two water features in the garden.

Fred extended the property to towards the road, adding a study (downstairs) and a bedroom and bathroom above. He built it himself.

In 1992, 24 January, Mrs Zielinski died.

In 1994, 27 May, Field No 6 was sold to Francis Albert Gough Williams and Maureen Ann Williams of Rainbow End for £6,500. This extended his plot back to the stream.

In 1996, 20 March Fred died and Richard and Sara Armitage bought the house from his estate for £125,000.

Summary of Ownership

Ambrose Haffield

William Griffiths

Thomas Kendrick (1770-1844)

? to Thomas Tomkins

? to Ann Lewis

? to Millborough Evans

? to Thomas Tomkins

? to Ann Lewis

Divided in 6 parts owned by:

1. Richard Kendrick (with 1/3 house)

2. Thomas Kendrick

3. John Kendrick

4. James Kendrick (with 1/3 house)

5. William Jeynes (with 1/3 house)

6. William Kendrick

1. Passed to his wife Elizabeth. This part of the house burnt down

2. Passed to his wife Elizabeth and was sold to Ernest Drinkwater in 1894 and became Falcon Chase

3. Passed to an Elizabeth Kendrick

4. Passed to Joseph Martin and then George Henry Lane. This part of the house burnt down.

5. Passed to Walter James Kendrick

6. Passed to his wife Sarah

Nos 1, 3, 5 & 6 then passed to Joseph Kendrick (1836-1911).

His 4 parts then passed to his son, Walter James Kendrick, who already had part 5.

At his death in 1905, the property reverted to his father Joseph Kendrick.

At his death in 1911, the property (called Ivy Cottage) probably passed to his widow Harriet.

At her death in 1916, probably passed to Mr B Andrews.

In 1919, sold to Mr A J Wilkins.

In 1925, sold to George Hubert Mustoe (Bert)

In 1971, sold to ‘Fred’ Zielinski.

About 1971, Field No 2 (Falcon Chase) sold to Mr & Mrs C Morton –Jackson.

In 1994, 27 May, Field No 6 was sold to Bill Williams of Rainbow End.

In 1996, sold to Richard and Sara Armitage (present owners).

2019. The Malvern stone wall in the centre is what remains of the original cottage. The wing to the right was added by Fred Zielinski. The wing to the left was added by the Armitages in 1999, the Conservatory/Sun Room to the far left in 2012 and the rear porch in 2013.

2019. The garage and barn were added in 2012.