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In 1927, Worcestershire Licensing Committee paid £100 in compensation against a claim for £813. It was valued at £1200 and had the name Eight Oaks for short time.

In the 1930's it was damaged by fire. Some of the fire damaged beams were reused elsewhere in the building and can still be seen to this day.

In 1939, as The Plough, occupied by George Prosser, Pneumatic Roadstone Driller (aged 61), his wife [Susannah] Elizabeth (aged 59) and their son Clarence Frank, Mixed Farmer, aged 24.

In 1942, Clarence Prosser of Plough Farm was fined 5s for allowing cattle to stray.

In 1956, Susannah Elizabeth Prosser of Plough Farm, died and from 1956 to 1961 the property was unoccupied.  In her will Susannah granted a life tenancy to her daughter Monnoa but

athough her daughter, Monnoa,  lived in Colwall, she continued to run the family sheep business (over 500 animals) out of The Plough, visiting daily.  

Monnoa's  daughter, Ann, married Derek Jones in 1961 and they moved into The Plough, but only after having electricity and mains water installed.

In 1969, they moved to Devon and The Plough remained unoccupied until 1979, when Monnoa and her husband Ron moved back there. Monnoa died in 1983 and ownership passed to her daughter Anthea.

In 1999, Anthea and her husband Mike Elston converted the old cow shed into Rickyard Cottage. Ron moved into Rickyard Cottage and in 2000 Anthea and Mike moved into The Plough.

After Ron and Molly's deaths in the early 2000s, Rickyard became a holiday let.

In 2013, planning permission was granted to site a Shepherds Hut in the orchard.

The property is being sympathetically restored by Mike and Anthea Elston. The old beer cellar remains and is used as a wine cellar.

George & Susannah Prosser and Ron & Monnoa Lewis are all buried in a family grave at All Saints Hollybush where Anthea currently serves as an Associate Priest [2020].