And The Surrounding District

The Plough Inn

Other names,      Plough Farm, Hunts Place

Date Built            Early 1700s

Left the older section of the cottage

Right  the new 2004 extension

We are grateful to Heather Hurley, a local historian who researched the property in 1997, for sharing her research.

From the early 1700's a Close of 1 ½ acres was owned by Eleanor Lewis, the widow of Richard Lewis, and Elizabeth Lewis. Eleanor and Elizabeth sold their Close to Thomas Steward in 1711. Opposite is Sherwood Cottage and this name is believed to be a modern version of Seward, itself a variant of Steward.

By 1752 Richard Bullock had acquired the cottage and three acres of land and an orchard from Michael Hunt (hence Late Hunts in the 1841 Census).

He had also acquired Hill Patch, formerly belonging to Peter Dee, and a 'toft or piece of ground where a cottage or tenement or barn formerly stood in which Mary Hubert and her son Andrew did dwell' purchased from Thomas Birchley. In 1774 it was rented to Joseph Poole. On Richard's death in 1795 it all passed to Richard's son William, with a directive that on his death it was to pass to William's son Peter.

The Bullock Family

Richard Bullock (1717-1795) had married Hannah Stuart. They have a large and complex family tree. However, various members of the family lived near The Plough – elsewhere at Eight Oaks, New Road, Sherwood Cottage, Orchard Lodge and Mouchers Corner.

More of Richard's descendants lived at Huntsbridge, Pewtrice Farm, Hawthorne Cottage, Elliotts Cottage, Thoulds, Micklefield, The Grove and Dales Hall.

Two other pieces of land owned by Richard in New Road (Newland and Stawlings [Starlings?]) were bequeathed to his son Thomas, and on his death to be passed to Thomas's eldest son, Thomas.

A 1798 mortgage confirms that the property was occupied by William Warrender, consisting of a house and garden with arable of 1 ½ acres, a close of 1 ½ acres, a one acre orchard, Hill Patch of 1 ½ acres and a toft of one acre. (6 ½ acres in total).

In 1822, by a Deed of Gift, ownership now described as a Smallholding, passed from Peter Bullock to his father's brother Thomas.

In 1826, a Release of Equity shows it passing to a John Bullock, Maltster from Stafford. He is the son of Thomas's brother, John.  John Bullock (jnr) established the Beerhouse and in 1832 took out a further charge (mortgage) to add some new erections.

In 1839, owned and occupied by John Bullock, Poulterer; Nos 130-135 in the Tithe.

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