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Enter TextIn 1861, not shown, but at Mount Pleasant there is Henry James Hemming, 28, son in law of James Hodges

In 1871 Census, known as Balmoral, occupied by John Scott, 54, farmer of 54 acres, wife Ann, 48 and Henry Lane, 14, indoor servant and at Mount Pleasant is Henry James Hemming, 36, stepson, single and as assistant farmer and carrier

1875 Deeds. Conveyance to John Scott from the Manor of Longdon (the Ecclesiastical Commissioners/ Dean & Chapter of Westminster) for £45. This was for 1 acre and 12 perches, two perches more than in the original agreement.

1881 Census, occupied by John Scott, 65, retired farmer and wife Ann, 58.

1885 OS Map. Note the old gravel pits now lost under vegetation.

In 1891, listed as The Common and occupied by Ann Scott, aged 68, widow and Emma Allsop, aged 15, lodger and Midwife.

In 1892, conveyance between Mrs Ann Scott and Henry James Hemming, Chandlers Farm. He had lent her money (£67:8:8d) and she was unable to repay it so he took the house and she moved to Denick Almshouse. (This is the Old Almshouses in Church Road. He also paid her an additional £4:10s.

An 1893 inscription on skirting board records the names of the builders of the new house, in a different location from the original building. The original building is said to have been a medieval tinsmiths as tools were found when the annex extension was built by the Ernie Baldwin senior in 1933.  The new house was two up, two down and the children slept under the eaves on the landing.

In 1901, listed as Upper Common, occupied by Caroline Hemming, aged 55, cottage holder aged 55 living on own means.

In 1911, listed as having 4 rooms and occupied by Caroline Hemming, widow, 65 with private means, no children.

In May 1918 Caroline Hemming died.  At the time the house was called 'The Poplars' (for the first time in the deeds) and it was sold to Arthur Sheen for £300with a mortgage of £200 from Edith de Vere Beechy of Newent.  Arthur Sheen was a relative of the Baldwin family.  He worked as gamekeeper and lived there with his brother. He died in 1948.

Ernie and Florence Annie Baldwin took over the property in 1931.There was a cherry orchard and people can remember going each summer to pick cherries there.  There was also the tea room. The tea room toilet still stands in the NE corner of the property, close to where the building had stood.  Mrs Baldwin cooked the cakes on the range in the front kitchen of the two room house.

In 1933 the annex was built by Ernie Baldwin and in 1946 Barbara Baldwin moved in with her in laws on marrying Ernie Baldwin* junior, living in the annex.  At this time the family also had some land called 'the Upper Ground'.  

Ernie was a Groundsman at Dales Hall when the Hardmans lived there. He took the old fireplace when the Hardmans replaced it with an arts and crafts style one and installed it in the annex.

In 1939, the house was occupied by Ernest M Baldwin (aged 37, Chauffeur and Gardener), his wife Florence A Baldwin (aged 37), their children Evelyn and Ernest; and Joseph Sheen (aged 76 and Arthur sheen (aged 66, Rabbit Catcher).

Florence started a tea room there just before the war, which she ran until the mid 1960's.

In 1945, 27 October. Ernest Baldwin, of the Poplars. Castlemorton, was charged with failing to send his 12 years old boy to Welland Council School Mr. E H. Purser. Education Officer. Told the Court the boy's attendance at school had been Irregular for some time, and that over a period of 53 weeks the boy had been present 188 times and absent 264. He occasionally suffered from attacks of asthma, but Mr. Purser thought this was used as an excuse by the parents to keep him away from school. No Medical Certificates for absence had been forwarded and when the boy was invited to attend a medical examination by the school doctor the boy was not present. A fine of £1 was imposed.

In 1957 Arthur Sheen died and the house passed to Florence.

Electricity arrived in the 1973, until then there had been a diesel generator in the current stable, and water was installed in 1973 at a cost of £5.  The well had been contaminated in the 1960s.

In 1978, 4 September. Erection of pole mounted transformer to be fed by H.V underground cable as indicated on plan no. SO 7638 in the parish of Castlemorton. Planning approval granted.

In 1987, 13 February planning application to construct a granny flat withdrawn by Mr E H Baldwin.

In 1987, 3 June, planning approval given to construct a single story granny flat. Mr E H Baldwin.

In 1988, the deeds record the house being given jointly to Ernie and Barbara.

In 1990, 8 January, planning approval granted for conservatory. Mr E H Baldwin.

The Baldwins sold the property in 1992 to Michael and Catherine Dimmery because they were so disturbed by the rave.  The SAS had to come and take a stoned banker from the property, according to Barbara.  This story was independently confirmed to the Rollinsons when a delivery driver told them he remembered coming to the house during the rave when he was in Special Forces.

In 1997, planning approved for extensions and alterations.

In 2014 Becky and Charlie Rollinson purchased The Poplars for £420,000. Along with it came a 1930s shed with an Austin Seven windscreen for a window.

A fuller history has been published in the BCH Archive Journal Vol 2 pp 91-99, written by Mary Watts.