And The Surrounding District

The Poplars

Other names          Scotland House, Balmoral,

Origin of name     Scotland House (presumably after the Scott family), with Balmoral being a reference to an important house in Scotland.          

               The Poplars after the poplar trees that grow nearby.

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In 1836, Mary Scott widow leases it from the Dean and Chapter of Westminster for 21 years from midsummer 1835 for 4s 6d per year.

In the 1839 Tithe, property No. 80 owned by Dean and Chapter of Westminster, cottage and garden, occupied by Mary Scott House, 1 acre and 12 perches, to Rector 3s11d

In 1841 Scotland House, occupied by Mary Scott, 75, sons Thomas, 30, and James, 25, and John, 20, all agricultural labourers and daughter Elizabeth, 20

In 1851, not shown. At Eightoakenhill Bank there is James Scott, 35, lodger, agricultural labourer, single

In 1854 Deeds, John Scott. Mary's son, takes a 21 year lease, witnessed by James Pingree, Hollybed farmer. A deposit of £24:11:3d was paid.

it is due to Checketts and the other officers.

In 1855, 7 March. Upton on Severn. Sheep Stealing. ln the month of January last, a ram sheep was stolen from a field this parish, the property of Mr. George Jakeman; on the ?th of February, an ewe sheep was stolen from a field, the property of Mr. Thomas Coulson; on the 19th of February, another ewe sheep was stolen from Mr. John Scott, all of Castlemorton. notice was given to the police till the of February, when Supt, G. Checketts received information that the skins of three missing sheep had been found in wood at Castlemorton, most of the wool cut from two of them - Mr. Coulson's and Mr. Jakeman's. Superintendent Checketts, with Serjeant Mann and P. C. Merrefield, proceeded to Castlemorton, and searched the house of suspicious character of the name of Hawker, who had a man named George Powell lodging his house, and there, an old box upstairs, Checketts found steel and cord stained with blood, also the bolster of the bed filled with wool. In shed the back of the house he found wheelbarrow, with stains of blood upon it, also cask which had the appearance of having had flesh in it. There was a quantity of blood and sheep's entrails the wash-tub, and wool and pieces of skin in the thatch. The ground the garden had been recently moved, and wool the depth of a yard was found in the earth. Checketts then took Hawker into custody, and on comparing a piece of the skin found in the thatch of the shed with the skin of Mr. Coulson's sheep, it corresponded iv a very particular way. In the wool found in the bolster was mark from Mr. Jakeman's sheep. Supt. Checketts succeeded apprehending George Powell next day his father's house at Colwall, Herefordshire, and found in a box in his bed-room leg and shoulder of mutton, with quantity of mutton dripping and rough fat of a sheep. The meat was compared with the skin of Mr. Scott's sheep, and found to correspond. Prisoners were brought up at the Magistrates' office, Upton, on Saturday, before E. G. Stone, Esq., who committed Hawker on all three charges, and Powell on one, to take their trial at the assizes. Their apprehension has given great satisfaction to the farmers in the district, and much cred