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Here is a local quiz to keep you busy whilst we are all staying at home.

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Or you can just guess.

1.     Roughly, when was The Plume of Feathers built?

2.     Who was a School Mistress living in Birts Street in the 1851 Census?

3.     Who was the architect who designed Bannut Tree House in about 1890?

4.     Name four pubs that used to be in the area.

5.     Who are the biggest six landowners in Castlemorton Parish (families and organisations)?

6.     What is the modern name for Fiddlers Corner?

7.     What were the dates for the Castlemorton Rave?

8.     What was the population of Birtsmorton in 2001?

9.     Who was chairman of Hollybush Quarries Ltd, who died in 1944?

10.     In what year did Malvern Hills Conservators buy Castlemorton Common?

11.     To which Saints is Birtsmorton Church dedicated?

12.     What does the commoner's right of Piscary mean?

13.     Where was there once a windmill?

14.     Who was Blaster Bill?

15.     What does the 'morton' in Castlemorton and Birtsmorton stand for?

16.     In 1818 a man was found guilty of stealing a mare from Castlemorton Common. What was his sentence?

17.     How many people can keep a goat on Castlemorton Common

18.     Where is Morgan's Orchard where there is a reconstructed cider mill?

19.     When was Birtsmorton Court built?

20.     What year was Hollybush Chuchyard extend with land from the common?

21.     In what year was this description of Castlemorton written:

The Vicar of Castlemorton looks round the Parish that progress passed by and says - Oh, for the comforts of the jungle.  During his four years as a missionary in wildest Tanganyika the Rev. Leslie Budge often dreamed of a return to England and the comforts of civilisation. Now, after four years as vicar of Castlemorton, he often longs for the modern amenities he left behind in the African jungle. There he could have a good home, with running water and electricity, proper sanitation and on-the-spot medical attention, efficient transport services and recreational facilities. For most of the people of Castlemorton, however, those amenities are no nearer than they were last century, when scores of smallholdings sprang up along the foothills of the Malverns. "Time seems to have stood still here ever since," says the vicar. "For miles around they call this the Forgotten Village, and it could not be more overlooked by the authorities if it had been buried in the African bush.

22.      Where is Heron Lane?

23.     Where did there used to be a waterfowl sanctuary?

24.     Where did motorcycle scrambles used to be held?

25.     Who owns Coombe Green Common?

True or false?

1.     There is small business in Rye Street making socks.

2.     It against the by-laws to fly a kite on the common.

3.     A local vicar had a store of over 100 gallons of cider when he died.

4.     A scenes of Harry Potter were filmed in an old house locally.

5.     Castlemorton Parish Hall has capacity of 150.

6.     The byelaws permit you to park on the common within 2 metres of the road.

7.     New Road used to be called Perry Lane.

8.     The Reddings on the way into Golden Valley were once Council Houses.

9.     The Mill Pond once belonged to the Mayor of Tewkesbury.

10.     The Parish Council can block a planning application.

11.     The speed limit across Castlemorton Common is 40mph.

12.     It is contrary to the bye-laws to train a horse on the common.

13.     There is a 'secret' bunker on Shadybank Common.

14.     In 1868 a man was dead in the muck heap at Cutlers Farm.

15.     In WW2, Castlemorton Parish Council 'adopted' a fishing trawler.

16.     The common is roughly 75 metres above sea level.

17.     Hollybush used to be called Hillybush.

18.     Roman remains have been found in Coombe Green

19.     The population of Castlemorton in 1801 was 658.

20.     Golden Valley used to be the brand name of locally made sheep's cheese.

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