OVER 71 House histories archived from research from the owners and researchers who have given permission to tell the story of their house.

An archive of sales documents and previous owners building histories and the owners.

This archive started as a section on the main site but it has grown to be a significant and important part of the BCH.

As it outgrew the main site web pages we decided to move this section to this sub site. All the documents , web pages and information is now in PDF format. Find a house, click on the link and a new page will open with the PDF file. You can then download the file , print it out or save it.

For the team this is a much easier production process and the PDF is produced either from the Word file, or from a web page.

If you would like to have your house history archived here, contact us and we will arrange for a chat to discuss the best way forward.

We must give thanks and credit to David Smallwood who has compiled this archive. He has spent hours in the browsing the county archives finding maps, documents and making connections that have proved to facinating and fruiful.

Thanks also to the owners and residents of the houses who have allowed us to use photographs and images of their property. Personal tales of life and what was like to live in BCH.

As this progresses we will also compile a set of references that you can use for your further research.  

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