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Census Guide

The census and tithe award lists  (transcribed by David Smallwood).

In transcribing the Census, obvious spelling errors in place names and people’s names have been corrected. Abbreviations have generally been expanded and common phrases standardised.

Where there are spelling variants in surnames, I have referred to the Parish registers and the Registers of Births, Deaths and Marriages (freebmd) for the ‘correct’ spelling. I am still unclear about Coulston/Colston, as they may be separate families.

The modern names for properties have been added in a separate column, where I have been able to identify these. Some of the allocations are speculative and may change as more information comes to light.

The 1841 Census. I have added the numbers in the left hand column to try to indicate separate households, following small marks in the Census records. It is quite possible that more than one household lived in the same property. Children under 15 had their age recorded accurately, while those over 15 were to be rounded down to the nearest 5 years. The population was 830. I have also allocated the modern names for the properties, identifying them as best I can, mainly from the Tithe Map.

Forty one properties were still owned by the Dean & Chapter of Westminster (Church Commissioners).

The 1841 Census

The 1851 Census. There were 11 unoccupied houses. The population was 845.

The 1861 Census. There were 4 unoccupied houses. The population was 801

The 1871 Census for the Parish. There were 10 unoccupied houses.

Two of these may be Alms Houses and one was partly in Welland Parish.

The population was 847.

The 1881 Census. There were 5 unoccupied houses. The population was 745.

The 1891 Census. There were 13 unoccupied houses. The population was 719.

The 1901 Census. There were 3 unoccupied houses. The population was 766.

1901 part1     1901 part 2     1901 part 3    1901 part 4

The 1911 Census. The population was 793.

From these records and the

Castlemorton Tithe Award 1837 ,

Birtsmorton Tithe Award 1837.

I have constructed a spreadsheet tracking the occupancy of each house in the 1837 Tithe Award through each Census from 1841 to 1911, as best I can.

Birtsmorton House Occupants 1837 -1911

Castlemorton House Occupants 1837 -1911