And The Surrounding District


Peter and Pat on the gate to the "Roughs".

David Pat and Lewis

Pat Addie Peter and May 1941

David Pat and Chickens

Pat and Father (Bill)

Pat Leah and May (another sister)

Here are the photographs  Pat Jones and Family

Leah and Peter - Father George

Edie and David father Lewis

Pat (my mother  Addie came occasionally) her fatehr was Bill Addie.

Other memeber of the family were Rita , parents Hol and Arthur

and another sister May plus Ethel the sixth sister who a few times visited them in Hollybush.

Story by Pat Jones .Now in her late 80s

The story as far as I have grasped it is that she and her family used to come down from Birmingham and picnic on the common near Hollybush Church. One time they forgot to bring any water for their tea, so they walked down to the Drinkwaters at Humble Bee Hall to ask if they would give them some. [ At the time the daughter Janet Stevens (nee Drinkwater) now of  Coombe Green, was a tiny girl. .  A friendship was established between the two families and when the war came and Pat’s family wanted to escape Birmingham, they came to stay with the Drinkwaters.

Eventually the Drinkwaters asked the vicar if Pat’s family could live in ‘The Library’ which is what the Church Room was known as. So they moved in and various cousins came to stay at different times. Pat went to Birtsmorton school. She remembered country dancing there, called ‘Rufty Dufty’!  Frankie Allsopp used to pick her up to go to school and there was a little Margaret Allsopp whose house was full of washing...maybe the Mum took in washing, Pat thinks. A Jeynes family lived next to Humble Bee Hall.