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Heron Lane

Heron Lane is a bridleway running alongside the Severn Trent Sewage Treatment works opposite Castlemorton School.

In the 1861 Census it is called Herring Lane.

On the 1837 Tithe Map, there are two houses shown: No 276 and No 285

No 276 – at the western end

In 1837, owned by Mary Cross and occupied by William Wagstaff.

In 1841, occupied by William Wagstaff Agricultural Labourer and his wife Honor.

In 1851, occupied by William Wagstaff (Agricultural Labourer, born 1811), his wife Hannah (born 1815) and their children Elizabeth (born 1842), William (born 1843), Henry (born 1844), Charles (born 1847) and John (born 1950)

In 1861, occupied by Samuel Pugh (Farming 5 acres, born 1811), his wife Matilda (born 1813) and their children Rose Matilda (born 1846), George Samuel (born 1849), Amelia Morton (born 1845) and Winifred Jane (b. 1848).

It appears to have gone out of use by 1871, although it is shown in black on the 1884 Ordnance Survey Map. The Pugh family are living in Birts Street, next door to the Surrell family, so may be that this is really Heron Lane.

In 2018, the frame is still standing. It is evident from the ceiling height that the household lived on the first floor.  

Hollybush Quarry

The Entrance to Hollybush Quarry about 1910?

Equipment Sale Hollybush Quarry 1976 (Thanks to David Weaver)

George THORPE, Jim SMITH (Gorins sweet shop), William HOWELLS (Uncle Bill), Mr SMITH (Eastnor Estate), Jack STEPHENS (Wayend St. Eastnor)

Derek WOOD, Mr Peter LLEWELLYN, Jack ENTWISTLE, 'Big' George LANE R.I.P., Geoff DALLEY, John WHEELER

Tom BRIMMELL, Major Benjamin HERVEY-BATHURST (Eastnor Castle), Ray BRAZIER, Jim BOOTON

Photo Geoff DALLEY Collection Collection

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