And The Surrounding District


CASTLEMORTON VILLAGE FETE 1903. The village was quite in holiday attire on Tuesday. inst., when a large number of the parishioners and visitors from the surrounding district, flocked to the Vicarage grounds to take part village fete.

The debt on the new organ which was placed in the parish last February amounted to nearly £70 and the fete was organised with a view reducing this amount. The Misses Dobree Fox, who were assisted by ladies in the parish and other friends, were the promoters the fete, and are to be congratulated on the success which attended their efforts.

A rummage sale and bazaar attracted a crowd of customers, whilst the tea tents, flowers, plants, and sweet stalls did excellent business. An organ recital was given in the church by Mr. F. G. Hickson, organist of Holy Trinity Church, Malvern, at the close of which collection was made. All sorts of amusements were provided. A cricket match, Ladies v. Gentlemen, created the greatest interest. For the Ladies Miss Hilda Guilding batted in excellent style, and made 17 runs, but the wielders of the broom-sticks proved the winners.

The following was the score: Ladies. —Miss Guilding c K. Guilding b Lane 17, Mrs. G. Betteridge b Church 1, Miss Clements b Church 0, Miss L. Dobree Fox c Cooper b Lane 0, Hiss R. Docker Church 0, Miss E. Fellows Cooper b Church 0, Miss Baker b Church 0, Miss Betteridge. (capt.) b Church 0, Miss Mcleod . Chinch 0. Miss Dobree Fox not out 0, Miss Koberts b Lane 0, extras 10, total 28. Gentlemen: —W. Lane b Miss Guilding, Rev.  A Green b. Miss Guilding 1, W. H. Church (capt.) b Miss Roberts 1, Wilks thrown out by Miss Fox 0, R. Guilding b Roberts 13, H. Cooper not out 9, F. R. Wilcox not out 3, H. Purser, A. Betteridge, and H. Guilding did not bat, extras 0, total 32. The results of the competitions were: Hat trimming for men—1, W. H. Church; 2, G. Jeynes; 3, A Betteridge. Cakes—1, Miss Fellows: 2, Mrs. 3, Mrs. Dance. Bouquet wild flowers (under 10) —1, Gladys Lane; 2, Hilda Wadley. Bouquet of wild flowers (under 15)—1, E. Wadley; 2, S. Brown.

The clergy present were: Revs. E. C. Dobree Fox (vicar), A. Green (Longdon), H. E. Casey (Borrow), R. R. Farrant (Welland), and J. B. D. Hopgood, who is doing duty during the Vicar's illness.

The day closed with a capital entertainment in the School Room, in which the following took part: Misses Baker, Clements, Fox, L. Dobree Fox, Wilcox, and B. Wilcox. Messrs. Betteridge, Cox, and Lane kindly lent rick sheets, and following ladies and gentlemen gave their assistance at the stalls, etc., Mrs. Docker, Mrs. Jeynes, Mrs. Dance, Mrs. F. R. Wilcox. Mrs. Grimley, Mrs. Hart, Miss Potts, Misses Docker, Miss K. Wilcocks, Misses Betteridge, Misses Colston, Misses Clements, Foster, Melliar, Roberts, Rirchley, Misses Fellows, Miss Baker, Misses Dobree Fox, Messrs. South, W. Lane, F. R. Wilcox, G. Jeynes, M. Jeynes, A. Betteridge, Wells, and Hammond.

The day's takings amounted to nearly £40.

Published: Saturday 27 June 1903

Newspaper: Worcestershire Chronicle